Point of sale

Our experience at generating point of sale items will help you to create appealing designs that attract your customer base, no matter how big or small. From countertop displays to free-standing units, we can manage the process from initial concepts to delivery. Our creative team will listen to your ideas and then create unique concepts for your needs. We can generate 3D renders of the units in situ so you can see how they work with their environment. Once your happy with the creative concepts our technical development team will take over. The technical team will assess suitable material and make sure all items comply with the required health and safety standards. The team will work with you to manage the effective use of materials while maximising the display’s impact, but still keeping your budget in mind.

The in-house manufacturing team will upon request produce a prototype unit for final approval. The project manager will keep check over all areas of the production cycle. Our professional install teams, or dedicated delivery partners will assist with timely delivery of the units into your chosen location.