Netgear CES 2017

Showcasing at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, Netgear challenged us to convert a hotel ballroom into a premium retail space to demonstrate and educate their current and new products being launched to the market.

Working on the top floor of a Las Vegas hotel, Edge Retail were asked to convert the space into a premium retail experience for Netgear. The hotel ballroom was converted by laying a full wooden subfloor, and applying graphics to the perimeter of the room to give a large open space to showcase their products. The reception area was completed with a coffee and smoothie bar for the visiting customers.

Customer Journey

With so many of their products on offer, Netgear challenge us to provide clear product categories, whilst also giving plenty of room to demonstrate their products capabilities. We created a nursery in one area of the room, and an office space in another.

Cables, Cables, Everywhere!

With additional lighting, TV’s, touchscreen displays and internet feeds required, over 200m of cable was concealed under the floor to keep the displays looking clean and tidy.

From the Grand Canyon to the Las Vegas Marriott

Launched at the show this year was an security camera that transmits via the LTE network. To show off the capabilities, Netgear actually attached a camera to the bottom of a helicopter and landed it in the Grand Canyon whilst transmitting the images back to the audience in the showroom over 100 miles away.