Netgear CES 2019

Las Vegas hotel takeover showcasing their latest consumer goods at the annual technology event

Showcasing NETGEAR’s range of products from routers and switches to digital art canvasses. The showroom is set up as an invitation only event that runs alongside CES in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Based on the 17th floor of the Las Vegas Marriott Hotel, each part of the site needed to fit into the hotel elevator making access difficult.


We built a full wall structure around the main showroom to ensure that the wall graphics could be produced in one piece, so no visible joins in the graphics.

With products being mounted on walls and ceilings, cable management had to be thought about carefully. We build a subfloor of over 120 square meters to hide all required cables and systems keeping the final look clean and modern.

Project managed to perfection

With CES being hosted at the end of the first week of January each year provisions had to be taken to make sure all items were produced prior to any seasonal closures for the Christmas holiday. Managing this large site with its many assets took dedication from the team and prudent planning. This careful management was extra key due to design revisions being made right up to the last minute.

Logistics and location

With Edge Retail being based in the UK and CES taking place in the US, the time difference makes planning and communication more challenging. To overcome this the team looking after the project adapted their work patterns with some late-night conference calls as well as planning when documents were sent to make full use of the time difference.

Quality and consistency is something we pride ourselves on. With all assets of the site being manufactured in the USA, the project manager made sure time was taken to visit the site and check over the manufacturing process and finished items on the lead up to Christmas to ensure the site was up to Edge Retail standards.