Paco Rabanne Phantom at Heathrow T2

A shiny new site in Heathrow Terminal 2 for the launch of Paco Rabanne’s new male fragrance Phantom.

Edge Retail collaborated with Heathrow and JCDecaux on behalf of PUIG to create the Paco Rabanne Megasite at Heathrow Terminal 2, marking the exclusive launch of the new Phantom interactive fragrance. Throughout the first month of its release to airport retailers, this collaboration brought to life a captivating experience.

At the core of the site stands a colossal chrome UFO, casting a metallic canopy that beams rings of light onto the polished stainless steel counters below. These custom-built counters proudly showcase the full Paco Rabanne fragrance range in glorified bottles. Offering a safe and engaging experience for customers, touchless testing was implemented through ‘pull and test’ sampling, complemented by scenting cones. Various interactive features were incorporated to entertain customers during their fragrance exploration.

Adding to the immersive ambiance, chrome robots in various sizes adorn the site. From a wall of Phantom bottles at the heart of the site to oversized robots on the counters and walkway, the dynamic display captures attention. Notably, a towering 3-meter robot spins atop the UFO, ensuring an unmissable and entertaining element in the Paco Rabanne Megasite.