Skinny The Dinosaur – Heathrow T5

Super-size check-in at Heathrow

Heathrow airport welcomes 155million year old dinosaur skeleton to Terminal 5 A 13 metre skeleton of a 155million year old diplodocus will be exhibited from the first week of April, before being sold by the French auction house Aguttes for an expected £2million.

What a sizeable welcome for families traveling this Easter! We’re excited to see the ‘roar-some’ reaction from our passengers, as they encounter this completely unique specimen before heading on their travels with loved ones.

Ross Baker, Chief Commercial Officer at Heathrow

Heathrow will see over 4.5million passengers traveling through the airport over Easter and Terminal 5 passengers will have the chance to step back in time to experience this historical figure.

The completely unique skeleton shows significant impressions of the skin of the dinosaur, never before discovered on this dinosaur type, with a new scientific study indicating the skeleton is from a new species and is a cousin of the diplodocus.

This original skeleton is remarkable. It is currently the only diplodocus in the world with the imprint of its skin and therefore a world first. The sheer size of dinosaurs awes people, they are immense, and that is part of their fascination for collectors. Buyers look for big impressive aesthetically attractive and well-preserved examples. It is also a case of supply and demand. There are very few found and so prices grow because there is a strong demand for them.

Eric Mickeler, Archaeologist and special advisor to Aguttes Auction house