Urban Decay – Alice in Wonderland

In collaboration with Disney and the new Alice through the Looking Glass film, Urban Decay launched a palette and range of 5 lipsticks.

Alongside L’Oreal LUXE, Edge Retail were asked to design and manufacture a series of promotional space for the Urban Decay collaboration with Disney’s Alice through the Looking Glass film. We were tasked with creating a bright and wacky area that symbolises Alice’s visit to Wonderland and her encounter with the Mad Hatter. Each site needed to incorporate a consultation area where customers could perch themselves on a ‘mushroom stool’ and sample the new products in the range.

Through the Looking Glass

For the larger spaces, we were asked to create a 2.4m tall frame to mimic the looking glass from the movie. With concealed metal supports in the uprights, we create a safe area for customers to really go ‘through the looking glass’.

Not quite as it seems…

To transport customers into Wonderland, we created the environment using vibrant colours, 3D butterflies and giant toadstools. The large consultation display even had the distorted clocks visible with a spinning top.

Wonderland across the UK

The sites were rolled out across the country into Selfridges, Debenhams and House of Fraser stores. Each site was designed to be bespoke to the space available within the stores.