IWC Silver Spitfire – Heathrow T2

Expert install of a replica Silver Spitfire into Heathrow’s Terminal 2.

We ingeniously concealed the necessary metalwork structure, crucial for supporting the one-ton replica, within the black cladding. Inside the main structure, we added extra LED lighting and integrated branding to ensure the immediate visibility of the IWC watch logo for customers throughout the terminal.

Rising to an impressive height of approximately 6 meters at the final site, the Spitfire’s elevated nose commanded attention. Beyond the Spitfire, we strategically positioned various areas to encourage customer interaction. This included high-end bespoke maps detailing the world-conquering route of the actual aircraft on its mission. Moreover, we incorporated large, illuminated 3D branding for the “#SilverSpitfire” feed, creating numerous opportunities for memorable selfies and enhancing the overall experiential aspect of the display.